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ok but why all the dumb spam entries? theres like 6 or 7 of them. you couldve just gotten more people or gotten the finished collaborators to do them instead of just making everything awkward by leaving them there like that. anyways this is pretty cool. i wouldve chosen Deep Deep Trouble myself but this is still neat

RGPAnims responds:

With Snackers doing the majority of those spam scenes.

why did you guys even put this out? this is garbage. you guys have been creating collabs for over a decade and nothing you put out today is any different from your very first project. like what even. this is the same stilted animation and writing that you guys had in 2009. i would figure you guys wouldnt improve all that much because this is the only shit you guys make, but like, jesus fuck. thewax70 especially. his shit looked good in 2009 but his only improvement in 10 years is that he started animating in 16:9 aspect ratios. and why even include the segments animated in 2013? like why do gregzilla like that? he's a fucking great animator now, and his part in this looks like something he could whip up in about 3 hours today. like i'm sorry, but you guys are honestly up there with the dude who makes foamy the squirrel at how little you've changed. 2009 was 10 years ago dudes none of this shit is acceptable anymore. how newgrounds can produce something so great like the smash bros collab and then let this get daily pick in the same week is just laughable. the half star is for making a collab thats 18 minutes long. not a very easy thing to do.

there we go, that's how to make a collab. just a huge collection of really talented animators and voice actors making fun of smash bros, and with actual jokes about the source material. way better than the dbz one. i dont really have much to say except great job. favorite parts were cory's, evaluh's, phantomarcade's, mugimikey's, and nevarky's. also the menu idea is genius, cant wait to see that whenever it gets implemented.

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hey! my shoes ARE looking cool!

excellent bby

yo cool style

CombTheCombel responds:

Thanks! :D


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