Entry #1

100 fans thx

2018-02-17 18:51:43 by FreezePark

just found out i got 100 fans on here, which is fuckin cool, so thanks to all you boys and girls who followed me despite my lack of activity on here. i'm still working on stuff but not that much stuff, i've been animating a music video with a couple others which won't be coming out for a while but that's about it. but yea thanks 4 one hundey xoxo https://twitter.com/freezepork


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2018-02-18 09:25:31

make that 99 - unfanned!


2018-02-18 09:25:50

wait fuck i meant 101 because i just fanned you

FreezePark responds:

cant stop me now motherfucker


2018-02-19 00:02:47

I'm gonna unfan you just so I can fan you again

FreezePark responds:

thanks my good best friend urbanfilms


2018-02-20 01:32:38

Yo, congrats man! Keep it up!